How To HackIT

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Our ‘How To HackIT’ guides are designed to help colleagues to understand, use and improve on our common and business critical processes. This is a prototype which we are using to develop content. The user stories we have identified are available to view here:

How we… define our technology and software standards

Write an API: our developer hub helps developers to know that they are writing code to the right standard so that they can deliver supportable software with fewer bugs.

Run Service Standard assessments: a guide for assessors and guide for project teams preparing for an assessment. 


How we… develop our people and skills

Onboard a new colleague: this guide helps HackIT managers onboard new people quickly so that new starters can be productive quickly after they start.

Recruit a new member of staff: this guide helps HackIT managers know how we recruit and how our organisation design fits together so that they can recruit effectively.

Run a corporate induction: this guide helps new starters understand how the ICT team support them so that they know how the HackIT team will help them succeed in their role.

How we… manage our contracts and finances

Buy from the Digital Marketplace: this guide helps people procuring services to help deliver a project know how to use the Digital Marketplace so that they can use it to buy in expertise at pace.

Decide when to re-use, buy or build software: this guide helps project teams consider whether to re-use, buy of build software so that they can make the most appropriate choice for their project.

Evaluate an agency project: this guide helps project teams managing contracts with digital agencies know how to assess the performance of the supplier so that they can help the agency to meet (or ideally exceed) our expectations.

Organise an effective software demo: this guide helps service managers understand how to can engage with suppliers effectively so that they can develop my awareness of the market without later procurement difficulties.

How we… manage our portfolio and deliver

Cross-check a prospect: this guide helps you ask the right questions so that we understand a problem in a bit more detail so that we have the right team working on how to solve it. 

Close a project: this guide helps Delivery Managers know what is expected when they close down a project so that they can make it easy for colleagues to find essential information and material when needed in future.

Onboard an agency: this guide helps Delivery Managers know how to onboard agencies / suppliers effectively so that their projects can get started quickly.

Run a workshop: this guide helps members of the HackIT team know how to engage with people effectively so that they can better understand user needs and be able to influence decisions.


How we… communicate our work

Give an effective presentation: this guide helps members of the HackIT team know how to deliver an effective presentation so that they can explain our work to other people.

Run a Show & Tell: this guide helps people working on HackIT projects know how to showcase their work so that they can develop understanding of the work and enable others to benefit from it / collaborate with us.

Write a How To HackIT guide: this guide helps members of the HackIT team understand what is expected from a ‘How to HackIT’ guide so that they can provide useful information.