Enter our API competition

We want to learn whether our APIs are so good, people prefer to use them and use the creativity of people to find out what digital services we might be able to provide.

The competition

The competition has two phases: a call for ideas, followed by a prototyping phase. This will help us test the viability of the competition, identify APIs that may unlock new propositions, and ensure we are providing access to our APIs to a limited number of people – safeguarding our data.

There are four categories available:

  1. The service that most meets user need. Here, we’ll be looking for prototypes rooted in evidence that there’s a clear need for the service to be provided in that particular way
  2. The most innovative service. As Council staff we can imagine digitising the services we currently provide our residents and businesses. But what could we do that would be very different?
  3. The service most ready to be deployed. Can a person or team develop a digital service, using our APIs that isn’t just a compelling idea but which, with a small investment, would be a production-ready service to benefit our residents and businesses?
  4. The most available for re-use. We’re supporting collaboration between councils, so can you develop a service that would be easy for another council to adopt?

Our APIs

Our APIs are listed on our API hub. If you’ve got an idea for a service that requires a different API please let us know. This will help us prioritise development of other APIs.

The prizes

The best ideas in each category will be short-listed and provided access to our APIs (subject to terms and conditions of use). The best products in each category will each be eligible for an award of £3,000.

How to enter

You can submit an entry via our entry form. All entries will be published on our blog.


Closing date for ideas: 5pm, 3 March

Shortlist of entries announced: 11 March

The timetable for the remainder of the competition, the judging panel and the terms and conditions for shortlisted participants will be confirmed on 11 March.