Hackney ICT has set itself five missions for the next five years – to 2024. The team is experimenting with Objectives, Key Results (OKRs) as a method of prioritising and organising its work to achieve these missions.

The missions are as follows:

Services people prefer

We want our digital services to be so good, residents prefer to use them to other channels. Where colleagues are using digital services to deliver a service, we want technology and data to help them provide an empathic service that solves the whole problem for our residents and businesses.  

Digital services for staff will be so good, that colleagues prefer to use them to email and phone calls to interact with support services. New joiners will have a positive impression of the Council from their first online interactions. 

Where we provide support we aim for high customer satisfaction, with colleagues clear about the value we add.   

Data at the heart of everything

We will make decisions on what to do and how to do it, based on data about what our users need. All major decisions the Council makes will be underpinned by a deep understanding of our data. 

We will value data as an asset and invest to ensure it is high quality and accessible to people and services that need it, when they need it. We will securely capture data once and re-use it responsibly, wherever possible. 

We will promote ethical use of data in all aspects of decision-making and as we develop services to support residents. We will harness the potential to learn more through our interrogation and use of data about the needs, habits and preferences of residents so we design the best possible services to meet their needs.

Internet-era ways of working

The Council’s culture, skills, and ways of working reflect the spirit, practices and processes of the internet-era. Digital is for everyone. We are inclusive, welcoming of divergent ideas, experiences and people. We avoid language that excludes people and work hard to make things simple. 

We role-model and promote meeting user needs before council needs, working in the open, delivering value fortnightly and adapting what we do in response to what we learn. We spend time to help colleagues explore what this means for how they can do their job, better. 

Simple, secure re-usable technology

We prefer simple systems, that are straightforward to improve and support. We favour small pieces of technology loosely joined, and avoid large, proprietary systems and solutions which slow down change and lock us in to specific vendors. We prefer technology that’s easy to connect to and open source. The data we store should be open to residents, businesses and partners where appropriate. 

We must retain the trust of users which means security of technology and data is everyone’s responsibility. 

Our technology is scalable which enables us to get best value for the taxpayer whilst meeting users’ increasing expectations.

We benefit from what others have shared, so we share what we know, how we do things and enable others to re-use our components and knowledge. 

A curious expert team, promoting Hackney’s values

We are curious, learning more from residents, our services, about our Borough and from industry leaders. We are experts in what we do, and admired by our peers. We’re not afraid to fail – we are bold and ambitious, learning from our mistakes as well as our successes because we can demonstrate that there is value in learning by doing

We show how Hackney’s values lead to better outcomes and are part of developing sustainable, inclusive, accessible industry practice.