Service Standard Assessments

All of our new services are assessed against the Local Government Digital Service Standard. We publish the reports and assessments below.

April 2019

Hackney Space Bank

Discovery phase service assessment

December 2018

Rent Account

My Rent Account – assessment 

November 2018


Pipeline was originally developed by LocalGov Digital in 2014. The Alpha product has been developed further by HackIT to meet the needs of a tool to manage project portfolio, provide status updates and encourage collaboration with other organisations. The service assessment was conducted with two external assessors, Josie Lews Warren (LGSS) and Michele Lambert (GLA), to whom we are extremely grateful for their support. Further information about Pipeline can be found in a recent post on the HackIT blog.

Digitising Neighbourhood Contact Centre
In the spirit of transparency and openness, we approached our Service Assessment with the intention of sharing it widely with Hackney and beyond. We also wanted our assessors to have a view of the entire service and not just their specific area of expertise. To this end, we applied a different approach from the Assessment/Report method so far employed at HackIT. Instead, we created a website that describes fully our service and process; and an associated Trello board that maps each of the 15 standards to the relevant evidence on the website. Our assessors could prepare for the Big Day in advance by referencing both of these tools. And, during the event, notes and recommendations could be added to each standard on the Trello board directly and contemporaneously.

October 2018
Manage Rent Arrears – public beta
Report (internal)

Track a Repair – private beta
Report (internal)
Assessment (external)

March 2018
Manage a Tenancy – private beta
Report (internal)
Assessment (internal)

Hackney Works – live
Assessment (External)

December 2017
Book a repair – public beta
Report (Internal)
Assessment (External)

November 2017
Fostering – discovery
Report (Internal)

September 2017
Rent Accounts – public beta
Report (Internal)